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Stand Up Paddle Board/Kayak and BBQ @ Haulover Park

Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm

     Come and enjoy some Stand Up Paddle Boarding and a beach bbq at the Park. (I'm not affliated with Oleta River Park.)


     I will provide all the gear needed.  Stand Up Paddle Boards, life vest if you need and a couple kayaks. I will bring a few beers and burgers along with the charcoal. Everyone is welcome to come and relax at the beach but if you want to stand up paddle board or kayak it is $25. You can use the gear all day. 

     Oleta River park is really nice. There's a small island and a sand bar that can get a little crazy with a few minutes paddle of the park or take a quiet paddle through a mangrove jungle. Very cool and relaxing with lots of wildlife to observe. 

     The boards are large and very stable. Great for people that have never tried paddle boarding before. Most people can stand up in about 5 min. If you prefer you can remain seated like a kayak. Free lessons. Boards comfortably hold up to about 250 lbs or 110 kilos. I have will bring 2 kayaks one double and one single.

If you have any questions please Call me.

Aaron Jacobs 305-766-6239

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